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Welcome to  Silken Thread Tai Chi.  My name is Morag  McDade and I'm hoping that you have arrived here because you would like to find out more about Tai Chi, and discover more about how it can improve your health and welbeing.  Perhaps you are thinking of joining a class.  

Outwith the current Covid situation, my classes are in various locations in Lanarkshire, Scotland - on the edge of the lovely Clyde Valley.  Currently however my classes are  delivered online from my own home.  I'd love you to join me but I know that you may wish to ask a few questions before deciding to join a class:

Anyone can learn Tai Chi (or to give it its full name, Tai Chi Chuan).  I started my own Tai Chi journey in the early 90s.   After many years of studying and teaching traditional Yang Style Tai Chi,  I discovered  Dr Paul Lam's Tai Chi for Health programmes and was delighted to become one of his instructors and then Senior Trainer.  


Tai Chi provides gentle, low impact exercise. (NB If you have a health condition, you must check with your doctor before undertaking any exercise programme). I love how these programmes offer everyone, regardless of age, health or fitness status, a safe and gentle introduction to the many mind and body health benefits of this beautiful art. Every movement is carried out within your own personal comfort zone. 

You'll find some class photos in the Gallery Page.


Classes are delivered in blocks of 8 one hour sessions with a saved video that you can use for practice between live classes.  I would love you to join me so that you can begin  to enhance your personal health and wellbeing.  

*The next Block starts on Monday 28th September at 10am and will be delivered within a private Facebook Group. Video of each class will be saved to enable you to practise between classes. 
Please email me to add your name to the class and then use the Pay Now button to complete your purchase. You will then be sent an invitation to join the group class.  

(Eight Week Block is £32)

*If you prefer an individual teaching experience, I also offer a  1:1 Introduction to Tai Chi option via WhatsApp video. This costs £20 per one hour session and is usually delivered in 4 or 6 week blocks. You can text or call me at any time to discuss various options before deciding. 

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