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A Great Day at Bargeddie Primary!

A big thank you to Lynn Logan of Bargeddie Primary for inviting me along to provide a day of T'ai Chi 4 Kidz as part of the school's Health Week on Friday. 

What a lovely school! - Welcoming staff and well behaved, enthusiastic pupils.  I had a great day and thoroughly enjoyed sharing my T'ai Chi knowledge and practice with the children - many of whom showed real aptitude!

T'ai Chi has been shown to help children to relax and de-stress so that they return to the classroom feeling relaxed and ready to learn - I hope the staff felt it too!!

These are some of the words chosen by the children during  our Energy Ball Circle at the end of each class session:

Nice, gentle, flowing, relaxing, mellow, felt good, calm, serene, awesome, fun and learning together, epic, amazing, magical, really good, fantastic, mega calm, floaty,,,,

and many more!! 

Well done children and thank you for having me.  Have a great summer!

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