Silken Thread T'ai Chi - T'ai Chi for Health and Relaxation

 *T'ai Chi 4Kidz (Not Currently available, due to Coronavirus)
During 20+ years within my NHS post as a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, I built extensive experience of working with children of all ages and levels of ability, in both clinic and school settings.  Having now retired from this post, I am delighted to be able to continue making a positive difference to children's lives through my great love of T'ai Chi.  Morag
Children of all ages can benefit greatly from learning this specially adapted funT'ai Chi programme.
Studies have shown that following a T'ai Chi session, children are more relaxed and able to concentrate , and schoolwork and attainment are improved.  Participation in TC4K also enhances muscle strength, balance , coordination and self-esteem.
School or Nursery based classes are offered in blocks of 6 sessions.
If booked as an after-school activity, parents are welcome to come along to participate and learn T'ai  Chi within this beautiful and healthy  programme while having fun and relaxing with their child.  The programme is suitable for all levels of ability - even for those who have never exercised before.
Alternatively a full day of T'ai Chi with sessions for each individual class  (and teachers!) is also available.
Please call on 07748808801 or email me to discuss your requirements. 
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