Silken Thread T'ai Chi - T'ai Chi for Health and Relaxation
Tai Chi is a life-long learning process.  Progress is slow and gentle but cumulative, allowing you to learn at your own pace while discovering something new each time you attend a class or carry out your own daily practice at home. 
This is a short poem that I wrote many years ago when I had only been learning Tai Chi for a short time.  I came across it again recently and realised that it still reflects how I feel about my Tai Chi practice.  I hope that it will convey some of the 'inner' aspects of Tai Chi that you will discover as you begin  to learn about  this beautiful and health-giving art. 
Tai Chi Flow
Flowing, moving, ever-changing
Empty, full, palms rearranging
Movement, not in one direction
Prepared for all intent or action.
Flowing as an endless stream
Circles, turning, lost in dreams
Yet mindful, rooted and aware
Of some opponent always there.
Outside, moving, change at will
While inside, listening, ever-still.
Filling spaces, points connecting
Spirit's inner fire collecting.
Turning steps and onward motion
As rivers flow to meet the ocean.
Meditatation deep and soothing
Body lost in mindful moving.

Be Strong, be Gentle, stick and follow
Accept, direct through any hollow
Learn that Life reflects these actions
Yield and listen, change direction.

Essence soaring, washing over
Human form of Spirit Mover.
Morag  McDade
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