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History and Benefits of T'ai Chi
T'ai Chi has been known to us in the West since the early 20th Century, having been brought to America from China by Cheng Man Ch'ing.  Cheng Man Ch'ing  was a great teacher of T'ai Chi as well as being a scholar, an accomplished artist and a doctor of Chinese herbal medicine. He recognised that we in the West required some adaptation of  T'ai Chi in order to make it accessible and practical for us to learn.  He wanted to  'spread the word' about the wonderful benefits of T'ai Chi for mind, body and spirit.
Cheng Man Ch'ing developed the Yang Short Form which is the form most commonly practised in the western world.  There are a number of other T'ai Chi styles, each with its own distinctive features and forms.  
Originally a martial art and exercise system developed over many, many centuries in China, the slow gentle movements of T'ai Chi form are now practised by countless people of all ages for its many  health-giving aspects.
Please click on the link below for a list of some of the benefits you can expect.
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