Silken Thread T'ai Chi - T'ai Chi for Health and Relaxation

I would really like you to Learn Tai Chi and feel better!
As a Tai Chi practitioner and teacher for over 25 years, I am passionate about this beautiful discipline and its multiple
health benefits for Body, Mind and Spirit.  I am an Instructor Member of The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain, and Senior Trainer for The Tai Chi for Health Institute.  My  goal is to help you as a student  to  enjoy safely developing  your skills and knowledge  of Tai Chi.  In this way you will experience these amazing benefits for yourself at a level that is right for you, even if you have never exercised before - or think you can't!!

 I provide gentle, safe and effective Tai Chi for Health classes aimed at helping you to improve your health and wellbeing in an enjoyable way.  Beginners are invited to join a class at any time.  
I also teach Yang Style 10 and 24 Step Tai Chi (a little more physically challenging) and Qigong.

 See below for more details of
Tai Chi for Health Programmes  

 KEY: - (These titles relate to the special health focus of each individual programme)
*Tai Chi for Arthritis(TCA)
*Tai Chi for Osteoporosis(TCO)
*Tai Chi for Diabetes(TCD
*Tai Chi for Energy (TCE)
*Tai Chi for Falls Prevention  (TCFP)

*Tai Chi for Kidz (  TC4K ) see separate page on Home Page   Menu
*Tai Chi for Rehabilitation 
*These are programmes that have been devised and medically proven to be suitable  and beneficial for specified conditions,  but are also suitable for all.  All  incorporate a focus on general health, safe physical exercise and mental relaxation.

Within each of these specialised programmes  I will teach you a unique short form or 'set'(sequence of movements) adapted from Sun, Yang  and Chen  Tai Chi styles by Dr Paul Lam and his team of Tai Chi and medical experts, and suitable for all fitness levels.  Tai Chi for Energy is a wonderful fusion of Sun and Chen Styles, with a mixture of flowing and dynamic movements.
 In addition all incorporate specific elements designed to benefit each specified  medical condition as well as integral Qi Gong elements.  All of these programmes are suitable for  beginners -  with or without a medical condition!
 *Seated Tai Chi    (available in all classes)
For those with mobility issues, there is also the option of participating  Seated  within the above-mentioned programmes

Seated Tai  Chi is often chosen as a gentle but effective way to exercise (and relax) as it provides a long list of health benefits with minimal physical exertion for those less able to stand. 

 Despite the gentle nature of  this seated exercise programme,   it nevertheless incorporates whole-body movement and strengthening exercises within your own comfort range. 

Providing a gentle full-body workout  with focus on weight -shift and  effective breathing, it offers an excellent means of  improving your fitness and general health.

  *Tai Chi 4Kidz 
     (Please select TC4K  page in Start Menu to find out more)

Also :  When time allows, I occasionally offer a course in Yang Style 10 Step and 24 Step Forms  These classes are a little more physically demanding and require some previous Tai Chi knowledge.

 Please contact me for further details of any of the adult classes currently available in and around the Motherwell area. Classes are suitable for all fitness levels, including seated participants. Check back here for up to date details of new classes,  or visit and Like my Facebook page (Silken Thread Tai Chi - Tai Chi for Health) .


Wear soft flat shoes and comfy clothes, and you might like to bring some water.

I  also offer (Coronavirus guidelines permitting)
morning/lunchtime workplace mini-courses, TC4K , Courses in Yang Style 24 Step Form, demonstrations and taster sessions, and input for in-service days or training days. Private tuition by arrangement.
Please contact me at any time for more information. Leave a private message on my Facebook Page (Silken Thread Tai Chi - Tai Chi for Health), leaving preferred contact details  and I will call/message or text you back!

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